May is Poppy Planting Time in Delco

Paddy show Barbara Beucler how to spread the poppy seeds while Dwight racks out an even finish for the small poppy garden in the rear of their home in Radnor, Delaware County.
The garden was defined on Saturday May 6th for a planting on May 7th. The morning was sunny and the ground moist which made the prepping easier. A spade was used to define the edges and make the first cuts into the grassy soil. Then the spade was used to skim off the grass keeping as much top soil as possible.

Some refined garden soil was added and sand mixed in and roots removed.

“Delco Gothic”
At 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 7th Paddy showed up. The skies were grey and there was a bit of a drizzle. The air was cool, so Paddy decided to wait before transplanting her young poppies started in peat pots into the ground. With Mother's Day a week away, and the air cool she and the Beucler's figured we could start the seeds and hope they would survive the early planting.

Paddy displaying the Poppy Seed sign in another Radnor garden.
Paddy brought a package of sand in which she mixed in several packets of seeds since she would be sowing seeds in the garden on the property next door to the Beucler's later. There was about 2 lbs of sand in which she had Barbara mix thoroughly with seeds. Barbara then covered the entire garden evenly.

According to the Master Gardeners of the Penn State Extension Program, the seeds need no more than tamping into the soil, so Paddy walked the distance across the plot a couple of times assuring the seeds were settled. It continued to rain on and off, so there seemed no reason to water the plot.

Barbara and Dwight were pleased with the results and willingly posed for a photo of them in front of their barn mimicking Grant Woods painting “American Gothic.”

Paddy went on to use the rest of the seeds next door, where she will also place the potted poppies as the days get warmer.