Send Us Your Pics...

Barbara Moody from Aston shown at World War One Monument at Smedley Park in Springfield. (Photo by George Rothacker) remembrance of all who served from Delco in World War 1.

The World War One Delco Centennial Committee hopes that residents of Delco will all participate in the “remembrance.” So we’ve come up with a way to enable anyone with a computer and printer show  support.
Click on image above to access printable file
  1. Click on the poppy image at left to access the “large photo” of the poppy painting.
  2. Print the image from your computer at the largest size possible for your printer.
  3. Find an historic property in Delaware County.
  4. Stand in front of the building or monument and hold the poppy print so that you, the print and the monument are all in view.
  5. Take a second photo of the building or monument by itself.
  6. Complete the information on the form below and upload your photos.
  7. Check back on this website frequently until you view your photo on our “Send in your Pics” page.