Started indoors in March, Paddy's Poppies Thrive on June 9th!

Paddy planted her poppies indoors in February knowing that she wouldn't get them in the ground till May.
Poppy plants a month from transplant.

“Dividing them up was traumatic! The seedling just fell into my hands with the roots exposed, and I thought they would never make it,” said Paddy.

Well, a month has gone by and Paddy’s Poppies are on their  way. ”They were a little slow in growing
in the peat pots,” continued Paddy, “but they survived the transplant and now are about 4" high.”

Note that the shape of the leaves and the light green color that distinguishes them from ”weeds” as they grow.

“The seeds we sowed the end of the first week in May are still quite small,” said Paddy. ” And they are real hard to tell from the small weeds growing in around them. I am just letting them alone until I know which are truly poppies, and which should be pulled out.