Dance for Democracy

A Rousing Success and Fun Night for All Who Attended

More than 80 guests festooned in World War I uniforms, Downton Abbey gowns, top hats and tuxedos at the Dance for Democracy sponsored by American Legion Post #94, the World War One Delco Centennial Committee and the Destination Delco Tourism Bueau on Friday evening, September 22nd.
(top) Tore and Corrine Fiore, Shakespeare and Judy Reese greet guests to the dance.(row 2) Anthony (left) and Barbara Selletti (right) socialize with Tapestry Dance Ensemble Performers .(row 3) Shakespeare helps Drew Nugent out at the keyboard (left) as Corrine and Torre present dolls and World War I era memorabilia from their private collection; (row 4) Dancers take to the floor “freestyle” to the music of Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society.
State Representative Leanne Kruege-Braneky is
flanked by her Chief of Staff Heather Bord (left) and
Abigail Seth (right) as they are greeted by Judy Reese
and “Shakespeare” (shown in foreground).
The event was held in the gymnasium and meeting room of the Brookhaven Community Center graciously donated by the community for the occasion.

Arriving guests were greeted by Judy Reese and her service dog “Shakespeare,” a Bouvier des Flanders, ancestor of the dogs who assisted servicemen in Beligium during the Great War.

The festivities were officially begun with Abigail Seth's rendition of “God Bless America” in the dining area of the event. The menu included items that might have been offered at a community dance of the WWI era; pork and beef sandwiches, salads and three punches, two of original origin and a Prohibition Punch for those who abstain from alcohol.
Abigail Seth leads the singing of “God Bless America”

Quilt by Anne Boren given
to Barbara & Anthony Selletti
Ryan Berley brought employees of the Franklin Fountain, his brother's and his ice cream parlor in Philly, with Moxie and other sodas of the era, doughnut ice cream and WW One Chocolate Bars.

After their meal, the crowd dispersed to the gym where announcements were made by Destination Delco Tourism Bureau Executive Director Tore Fiore, and a gift of a Poppy quilt created by New Zealender Anne Boren was presented to Barbara and Anthony Selletti for their hard work in creating and promoting the events remembering all who sacrificed and assisted in the war effort from Delaware County between 1917 and 1919.
  After the presentation, The Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble demonstrated dances of the era, after which they instructed guests on the finesses of the Grizzly Bear and the Turkey Trot.

Local musical legend Drew Nugent and members of his Midnight Society performed songs of the WW One era, while guests danced to requests and reprises by Abigail Seth.

The dance produced a profit of $1475 which is being used by the Selletti's to expand their video, “Memories of the Great War,” and to fulfill an “unfulfilled promise” of  creating a written record of all those who provided service during World War One from Delco.