News on Poppy Plantings in Delco, Seed Packet PickUp Locations, Planting Instructions and More

Destination Delco and Delaware County Council are fortunate to have added the “Penn State Master Gardeners of Delaware County" as a Community Partner.

The Master Gardner program promotes research-based best gardening practices to educate the community.*

Free seed packets will be available at the Destination Delco Tourist Bureau as of March 1, 2107.

Each packet will cover 20-40 square feet

Click here for a list of Poppy Seed Distribution Centers

Destination Delco Tourist Bureau
1501 N. Providence Road
(corner of Rt. 252 and Rose Tree Road)
Media, PA 19063

For poppy packets and planting instructions
George Rothacker
(M) 610-220-9863

*For questions about culture our HortLine operates Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12.  Their direct line is 610-690-2671.  The general office number is 510-690-2655.  The email address is  The Delaware County Extension site is

Please click here for
a printable .pdf of planting
instructions, care and more.
Prepared by the Master
Gardener Program.
New and Noted Places in Delco Planning Poppy Gardens

• Aston Library
• Delaware County Veterans Memorial, Newtown
• Delaware County Historical Society, Chester
• Yeadon Public Library
• Newtown Library
• Primus Library
• Radnor Hotel
• Wayne Hotel
• Rose Tree Tavern (Destination Delco
   Tourist Bureau - Rose Tree Park)
• The Grange in Havertown 
• The Clarion Airport Hotel
• Thunderbird Lodge in Rose Valley
• Massey House in Broomall
• Penn State Brandywine 

• Smedley Park
• Lansdowne Veterans Park
• The Garrett – Williamson Foundation  - Newtown 

• Schoolhouse Center in Folsom
• Smedley Park 
• Triangle Garden of Haverford Green
• Containers lining Eagle Road in Haverford
• Haverford College  at the edge of their meadows in
  the Pinetum area
• Haverford Township Free Library
• Wallingford Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
• Gardens throughout Swarthmore - Swarthmore Horticutural Society
• Third Presbyterian Church, Chester
• Artillary Gun, 14tgh Street & Providence Road, Chester
• 9th Street Garden - Chester
• Old Chester 1724 Courthouse - Chester
  Crozer Library - Chester
• Primus Library
• Yeadon Library 
• Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast in Glen Mills
• Neumann University

A Teachers and Kids Poppy Project
Here’s a fun project that requires a little patience and some skill to accomplish, but would be a great way to introduce  students the history of World War One and commemorate Delaware County's involvement in the Great War.
Click here to download a printable poppy

Click here to download a printable .pdf to create a beautiful, brilliant paper poppy. Classes could use them to decorate white boards, doors or windows, or just as a memory of the war. Click here for entire website on Delco's plans for remembering the Forgotten Generation, history of Delaware County’s involvement and events and tours for the spring and summer of 2017. 

How to Build a Paper Poppy

Creating a paper poppy will take a little time and patience and will be more appropriate for kids 9 and up!

Here’s how you can get started:

Either begin with an 8-1/2" x 11" print provided by Destination Delco or it’s Community Partners,
or click here to download a printable poppy and print it from your desktop printer on a good quality uncoated paper stock.

As you can see on this page there are (8) eight pieces that make up a "poppy" and each has to be carefully cut from the sheet with a small scissors, or a  utility knife (recommended only for older crafters). If you have any issues, ask an instructor to help with the cutting.

The photo on the right of the sheet shows what a finished poppy should look like. The poppy can be assembled by first putting a small drop of glue at the center of one of the two poppy leaves, and carefully positioning the second leaf in top of the first, but rotating it to cover the cutout areas on the poppy leaves below.

At this point you can put a drop of glue on the center of the top poppy leaf and position the black and red circle on top of the glue drop. Make sure that it is centered. (Hint: A straight pin temporarily placed through the red dot at the center all three pieces will help you align the pieces. Place all three pieces firmly together ...and let the glue dry! Then you can remove the pin and place the
black dot on top, and in the center of the flower (covering the pin hole.)

When dry, turn the "flower" over (you see the white side of the paper), and paste the “leaves” (white side up) around the center of the flower so that they stick out a bit past the flower (see photo).

When dry, bend the (3) pedals of the top flower up (about 45 degrees), and then bend the (3) pedals of the bottom flower up only slightly keeping the leaves flat (as in the photo).

Your poppy should look similar to the photo above, if you have followed the instructions carefully.