About Our Community Partner - Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Delaware County

Media Food Garden supervised by
Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Delaware County
Master Gardener Kathy Pelczarski provides seeds and
information on the Poppy Program to businesses, organizations
and individuals participating in the project.

Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Delaware County promote research-based best gardening practices and environmental stewardship to educate the community.  They develop their horticultural expertise through participation in educational training classes conducted by Penn State University faculty and Extension staff.  Master Gardeners have served the home-gardening public for over 35 years in Pennsylvania by answering gardening questions, speaking to groups, writing gardening articles, working with youth, gardening in demonstration gardens, participating in the Penn State pollinator research program, and in many other ways.

As a community partner in Delaware County’s World War One Remembrance, the Master Gardeners provide their garden expertise by researching and developing a detailed reference guide on Flanders Poppies (Papaver rhoeas); coordinating and consulting with historic sites and community gardens to plant and care for Flanders poppies; distributing promotional posters, brochures, and seed packets throughout the community; and hosting a Hortline to answer gardening questions specific to growing Flanders poppies.

The HortLine number is 610-690-2671.